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Specialising in Japanese Green Tea

est. 2014
Japanese Green Tea

Matcha House, Our Japanese Matcha & Green Tea

Celebrating a Japanese tradition, Matcha House is Adelaide first Premier specialist Japanese Matcha Green Tea Cafe, offering a range of organic Japanese green tea. Picked from the tea fields of Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Fukuoka of Japan, you'll notice the unique pure taste of of premium Japanese Green Tea.

Please let us seat you: whether you prefer our traditional area ground-level Japanese-styled seating, table or bench seated areas, or for bigger groups, we will try and accommodate your preferences.  

Along with our variety of Matcha green tea desserts and ice cream, drinks and beverages, and a selection of prize winning Japanese whisky, Matcha House is the perfect place to catch up with friends or celebrate with family.

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Matcha Lava Cake
matcha green tea


Our selection of desserts are combined with our premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea. From our selection of green tea waffles and green tea soft serve ice cream, to our signature Matcha Lava Cake, our desserts are not too sweet so you are able to enjoy the unique the taste of Matcha. 

Of course, pair it with a pot of our Japanese Green Tea to complete your experience. 

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Japanese Whisky

Whisky & Sake

Looking for a place to wind down after a long day? In addition to our Japanese Green Tea, we also offer a selection of unique tasting Japanese Saké and a range of prize winning Japanese Suntory's Hibiki and Yamazaki aged whisky.

If you are looking for something a bit different, come in and see the variety of Matcha alcohol we have for you to discover.

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